The MISSION of the firm is to create mutually beneficial scenarios for all stakeholders, oil and gas leaseholders, royalty holders, operators, and financial investors. The firm was founded with a focus on the future (and the name aptly derived from the common phrasing - "from this day forward" - embracing both the challenges and opportunities to come, while still appreciating the accomplishments of the past. Moreover, the firm was founded to rely on the following four (4) pillars:

Preparation, Process, Performance & Passion. The focus on preparation is key to analyzing all key success factors surrounding investment opportunities. The commitment to process is such that all internal dynamics of the firm are executed in a consistent and reliable manner. To that point, the firm is committed to pursuing high performance standards in every aspect of the company’s operations and results. We believe, and have witnessed, how that translates into
positive returns for investors and operational stakeholders. Lastly, all of what we do is driven by a passion for success, and the resulting value that creates for all parties. 

The SCOPE of the endeavors for the firm includes upstream oil and gas assets within the Gulf Coast and Southwest regions. More specifically, we are focused on pursuing opportunities in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.  The assets within our scope are more production oriented, with varying levels of existing cash flows. At a minimum, the leases will be held by production (HBP), such that the requisite amount of production necessary to maintain the leases is sustained, if not owner operated. In addition, we pursue assets that have a strong potential for increasing production thru fairly straight-forward EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) methods, as well as advanced technologies and monitoring systems.